"Where It's All About the Ride" 

Every Biker has a Story 

If you've taken a moment to visit Spring Valley Cycles, you know that we always have a story to tell.  We've been around the block a time or two and here are some of the stories that we've picked up along the way, as well as a little history we've picked up about motorcycles and their riders.  These are our ride stories.

The best of rides, the worst of rides, and why we simply love to ride.

If you've got a story you'd like to share please submit it below.


Share Your Ride Story

Our tagline, "Where It's All About The RIDE!" has a multiple choice answer if you ask me what it means. First, it comes from the guys I started riding with in the late 1980's.  It didn't matter where we were going, who was going, why we were going, the weather or anything else.  When my best friend Paul S. hollered "let's saddle up", we were gone.  When people would ask why we did what we did, the answer was always the same, it was all about going riding, nothing else mattered.  They would hear the stories of trips in the pouring rain, freezing cold, searing heat, (put in whatever tale you want), it was always about the ride.  The thrill of riding motorcycles, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of a dead skunk in the middle of the road, (i think there was a song about that), it just isn't the same in a car or truck.  That's what makes us apart from others.  What makes us leave the comforts of home and the LazyBoy, it is to seek out the thrill of riding.  Second, it is the way I feel about motorcycles.  We ride Harley's, but I have ridden Honda's, Yamaha's, Kawasaki's, and many others.  It doesn't matter to me what you ride.  I hate to hear someone apologize to me that they ride something other than a Harley, like that makes them lesser of a rider.  I don't care, as long as you like to ride on two wheels, (or three), it is all about riding motorcycles.  It would be like I don't like you because you have red hair, it doesn't matter to me. (I do like red heads by the way.) If you ride a motorcycle, or wish you had one to ride, you are okay in my book, because like it say's on our sign, here is "Where It's All About The RIDE!" -Anthony Marroy 4-14-2012 










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