Spring Valley Cycles

Our Story

  I started riding motorcycles at the age of nine in 1972, on my next door neighbors brand new Yamaha Mini Enduro 60.  I loved it and begged my parents for one.  One day my dad took me for a ride to Golden Triangle Yamaha in Beaumont, TX.  And there was my new bike, a junked out Mini Enduro 60.  It ran, but was missing some of the gears.  My dad, along with my limited help, rebuilt the motor and transmission, and for a $150.00 total investment including bike and parts, the adventure started.  We moved back to Baton Rouge where I am originally from, and he got a bike for himself and we started going to Chipola, LA it seems almost every weekend to go ride.  That's all I wanted to do.  My dad had been riding since he was a kid, and now it was my turn.  After a few different bikes along the way, I stared seeing Harley's in the classifieds, and made this my new dream.  (Back in Beaumont, the little girl down the street from us, Mary Robin, who was my "girlfriend", had an older brother that had an awesome black Harley rigid chopper.  We thought he was the coolest guy with that Harley, and I always knew that one day I would have one.)  It took me until 1989, but finally the day came when my next junker came home, a 1977 Harley XLCH 1000.  It was great!  Every time I took it out for a ride, I had to call someone to come get me.  It left me on the side of the road (and once on top of the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge) too many times and I realized it was time to do something about it.  After spending plenty dollars at the local HD shop, I soon also realized I didn't have the kind of money it took to own a Harley and pay someone to keep it going.  I was always pretty handy at fixing things ( I have pretty much always done my own repairs on everything I own, from cars to houses) and new this couldn't be beyond my ability.  I tore into it that winter and had it ready for my first Daytona Bike Week in 1990.  I never had any real problems with it after that, and anything that did happen, was easily fixed.  I knew that bike from front to back, top to bottom, and inside and out.  This started my new passion, which was living the Harley dream.  I really did live to ride and for many years after I got my first brand new Harley, it was my sole transportation.  Since that time, I have always done my own work on my bikes, and for many friends as well.  

 I met Stephanie in 1993, and though she was not your typical biker girl, (she drove an eighteen wheeler hauling cattle) she took to riding with me real quick.  In 1998 we bought a 1979 XLCH 1000 as her first bike.  She took ownership of it by spending as many nights in the shop with me doing a complete rebuild of the bike and thus learning how these things tick as well.  She worked on building the motor and transmission, doing a complete wiring job on the bike, as well as helping with the painting and the rest of what it took to build her "new" bike.  We had it ready for Daytona Bike Week 1999, and for being a kick start bike only, she had it down, with her own "one kick" Harley.  By year 2000, she got a new 883 that was custom lowered for her for our trip to Sturgis that year, and that bike is her current ride.  The XLCH is currently undergoing a complete rebuild in a custom rigid frame complete with an eight inch over stock front end.

Even though Stephanie and I were both born and raised in Southern Louisiana, after we spent our honeymoon in Eureka Springs we knew that one day we’d like to settle down in Northwest Arkansas. For many years we searched to find the perfect spot. The spot that’d put us near some of the finest scenic rides in the country, keep us close to the great outdoors, but still allow us to make a quick trip to town for what was needed. After literally putting thousands of miles of scenic riding around Northwest Arkansas, we found our special spot in Spring Valley!

In the fall of 2005, we purchased the property where Spring Valley Cycles, LLC. now resides, and our dream began to take shape. On July 5th, 2006 we broke ground and by the end of October we opened the doors for business.

Our goal is to offer a friendly environment where you always feel welcome. Honesty and Integrity are our top priority and advice is always free. We’d like to invite you to come and enjoy the easy pace with us at Spring Valley Cycles where it’s all about the ride!

                                                                                                                          Anthony & Stephanie Marroy, owners/operators


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